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Malvern Pathways Professional Development - Teaching Assistants Programme

11 May 2022
Malvern Pathways Professional Development - Teaching Assistants Programme

Malvern College International is pleased to launch its second training course as part of the Malvern Pathways Professional Development Programme.  

Following two years and two successful cohorts of the Malvern Pathways Middle Leader Programme, the Malvern Pathways Teaching Assistants Programme will start on the 16th and 17th May 2022. Created in partnership with Karen Ardley Associates, the Teaching Assistants Pathway is a three tiered pathway aimed at developing teaching assistants at different stages of their career development. 

Tier One provides an introduction to pedagogy and best classroom practice for TAs at the start of their career. 

Tier Two enhances the work of a TA with small groups and interventions to enhance pupil achievement.

Tier Three will prepare TAs for Higher Level Teaching Assistant status with the option of taking the associated assessment at the end of the course. 

Starting with tiers one and two, each will consist of three, three hour, online facilitated sessions, followed by inter-sessional tasks to help reinforce learning and to try out the strategies and approaches covered in the sessions.

There has been a lot of interest in the Malvern Pathways Teaching Assistants Programme and participants will be taking part from across the Malvern College Family of Schools, both overseas and in the UK. Director of Education, Eamonn Mullally, stated that he was pleased to see the continued development of this important aspect of the work of Malvern College International in providing high quality professional development opportunities for colleagues from across the group.

Wishing all of the participants in the first cohorts of the programme the very best of luck.