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Malvern College International


The development of Malvern College International can be seen as a natural extension of Malvern College’s long established commitment to developing international mindedness and educating students from diverse international and cultural backgrounds around the world. In embarking on these overseas ventures we are not only bringing our model of education to new markets overseas, but expanding our own horizons in an increasingly global world, to the benefit of students, staff and society at large.

MCI schools offer internationally recognised academic programmes and embed the ethos, values and other core features of a Malvern College education, whilst providing an education provision reflective of the cultural context in which each school operates. Each school focuses on helping students achieve their full potential, wherever their talents may lie, and preparing them for a university education in any English speaking country in the world.

Malvern College opened its first overseas school, Malvern College Qingdao in September 2012. In September 2015, Malvern College Chengdu opened, followed by subsequent annual openings including Malvern College Egypt in September 2016, Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong in 2017 and Malvern College Hong Kong in 2018. During this time, Malvern College International was recognised as the one of the fastest growing UK independent school brands overseas. We were delighted to continue the expansion of the MCI brand with the opening of Malvern College Tokyo in September 2023. 

Malvern College UK works in close partnership with each overseas schools. Whilst all Malvern College overseas campuses are independent institutions in their own right, with their own management teams and governing bodies, Malvern College UK is closely involved in setting standards and providing governance and oversight. An International Schools team, based at Malvern College UK, travels on a regular basis to each sister school.