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Educational Philosophy

We believe that a Malvern education develops individuals who are confident, equipped to engage with a range of people from all walks of life beyond school, and inspired to make a difference as individuals to society at large.

The broad academic curriculum, complemented by an extensive sporting, musical, artistic and dramatic co-curriculum and under-pinned by a strong emphasis on pastoral care, encourages individuals to maximise their potential. Stimulated and challenged by the Malvern experience, our students more frequently exceed expectations than match them. The emphasis on individual achievement has its counterpoint in our encouragement of teamwork, co-operation and service to others.

We believe it is important for our pupils to have a firm commitment to deep-rooted values, and to be flexible, pragmatic and open to new ideas. We seek to be inclusive and fair, respecting members of all cultural backgrounds, and promoting responsible and active citizenship. We aim to develop communication and leadership skills in our students who emerge as lively, articulate young adults ready to contribute widely to the global community.

We believe in creating a student-oriented, interactive learning environment where students learn to question, to communicate their ideas effectively, to work independently, to problem-solve and to develop resilience by persisting with tasks they may find challenging.

Key Features of a Malvern Education

Whilst each Malvern College overseas will develop to fit in with the local culture, regulations and needs of the students, at the heart of each school are a common ethos and set of values to which all staff show commitment:

  • A commitment to developing well-rounded individuals through a broad academic and co-curricular programme.
  • An emphasis on strong pastoral systems to support the wellbeing of students.
  • A high quality learning and teaching environment which encourages independent learning.
  • A comprehensive co-curricular programme including sports, arts, music and leadership activities.
  • A commitment to developing internationally minded students.
  • A well embedded house system with which students identify strongly, providing opportunities for healthy competition and engagement across year groups.
  • Strong relationships between all members of the school community based on mutual respect and a shared commitment to providing the best opportunities for the students.
  • A focus on developing key attributes in students, namely resilience, self-awareness, open-mindedness, kindness, collaboration, risk-taking, curiosity, ambition, independence, integrity and humility.
  • Delivery of internationally recognised academic programmes in English by predominantly native English speaking expatriate teachers.

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