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Malvern College Family of Schools Leadership Conference, 25th-27th May 2022

21 June 2022
Malvern College Family of Schools Leadership Conference, 25th-27th May 2022

The 2022 Annual Leadership Conference returned to Malvern College this year with over sixty attendees joining both in person and online from across the Family of Schools. Heads, Deputys, Proprietors, Members of the College Council, CEOs and Marketing personnel all welcomed the first hybrid event and enjoyed a full programme, themed ‘The Future of Education’ across the three days.

The conference commenced with a year in review and forthcoming updates from Director of International Schools, Allan Walker; during which a number of key events were celebrated including the opening of Malvern College Switzerland. Looking forward, the anticipated opening of Malvern College Tokyo was discussed as the seventh international school to open under the Malvern College Family of Schools umbrella, taking total numbers to nine schools across ten campuses, with 1,600 staff, 4,400 pupils and that all important 2 million school dinners.

Director of Education, Malvern College International, and event organiser Eamonn Mullally continued to discuss overarching developments of how the international team are continuing to support overseas schools with added resource in support systems and personnel.

Across the two days, keynote speakers Priyah Lakhani from CENTURY Tech and Ollie Bray from Education Scotland Clicks and Bricks delivered insightful talks across ever developing landscapes in the use of Artificial Intelligence in Education and innovative learning spaces. Further updates from marketing and HR were delivered providing guidance and direction for the Family of Schools, including an introduction to Tom Tuthill, the new Director of Collaboration and Innovation who will be taking on a growing position focussing on collaborative activities across the Malvern College Family of Schools.

The conference has given participants much to think about, as highlighted in the event feedback.

“Extremely engaging, informative and relevant to helping impact positively on students' individual learning journeys.”

“Very engaging and informative. Thought provoking on what is possible.”

Eamonn Mullally noted the intrinsic benefits of the conference:

“The conference provides an opportunity for colleagues to touch base with each other, to make new connections, to familiarise themselves with different colleagues in different schools.”

This was shared amongst attendees who commented:

“Thank you for planning and organising a well-structured and informative conference, which allowed time for reflection. It is always great to have the opportunity to meet with colleagues from within the Malvern family. Looking forward to the next one!”

As always, opportunities to come together as one family are full of rewarding experiences – not only in discussing a collaborative future together but also allowing time for interactions and shared experiences between colleagues, which in turn strengthens the network and strengthens the bonds of the Malvern College Family of Schools.

Planning is already now underway for the 2023 conference which is expected to retain the same hybrid format.