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Malvern College Family of Schools Annual Leadership Conference

15 June 2021
Malvern College Family of Schools Annual Leadership Conference

For the second year in a row the Malvern College Family of Schools Leadership Conference took place online, over two days at the end of May. The event has grown year-on-year and this year hosted over fifty participants from across the Malvern family, including leaders, proprietors and members of the College Council.

The main themes of the conference this year were identifying avenues of collaboration between the different schools and also looking at wellness and wellbeing for students and staff as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, with a most informative keynote and workshop given by the UK charity Young Minds.

Attendees took part in a range of talks and roundtables during the conference and also learnt about key initiatives which are taking place, such the development and delivery of the ‘Super Curriculum’ at Malvern College, which focuses on student led societies which promote a far more personalised approach to extended learning opportunities. Also in the spotlight was a review of the first-year successes and future plans for the Malvern Pathways professional development programme. Malvern Pathways is the bespoke professional development programme created by Malvern College International to offer colleagues across the Malvern Family development opportunities throughout their career. The first pathway to launch was for Middle Leaders and ran for the whole of the academic year, with a second cohort to follow in September 2021.

All in all, the conference was a great success and demonstrated the rich, diverse profile of the Malvern schools. It provided a welcome opportunity to reconnect with each other after what has been challenging year for all. Plans for the 2022 conference are already underway with the hope of it at least part of it returning to an in-person format.


This was a really great opportunity to meet the wider team and to start feeling part of the family. I enjoyed the sessions and was appreciative of the time and effort taken to set it all up. There's a real sense that Malvern UK wants to do the right thing by its international schools and share expertise.

Malvern College Family of Schools Annual Leadership Conference 2021 Participant