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A Co-Curriculum with activities from sea to sky

24 September 2021
Malvern College Switzerland main building

A Malvern education is so much more than an academic focus. Alongside providing exceptional pastoral support and teaching personal values, we believe that a strong super-curriculum and co-curriculum are key aspects in developing well-rounded young people, who are well equipped for a life long after they leave school.

This is echoed across the family of schools, including The Downs, Malvern and Abberley Hall Prep Schools in the UK, as well as our international schools including Malvern Colleges Chengdu, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Egypt and Switzerland.

The latest addition to our family of schools is Malvern College Switzerland, which is opened its doors to students this September. Situated in Leysin, close to  Aigle, in the canton of Vaud, it is a naturally stunning location and is well known for its year-round mountain sports and recreational facilities. Here, pupils are able to take full advantage of both the more traditional co-curricular activities alongside a wealth of local specialisms. There are extensive opportunities making use of: an ice skating rink, football fields, basketball courts, an indoor gymnasium, indoor volleyball, outdoor beach volleyball, a skate park, an indoor olympic-size swimming pool, an indoor and outdoor climbing wall, squash courts, a fitness centre, natural rock climbing (outdoors), extensive mountain biking terrain, horse riding facilities, a golf course and even beach volleyball.

One of the main perks of this beautiful alpine region is the access to the schools own Ski and Snowboard Academy, which is quite literally on the College’s doorstep. The academy runs in partnership with the Swiss Ski School, so naturally benefits from expert tuition by qualified professionals. Here, children are able to hone their skills on over 1200 km of groomed slopes, 2 glaciers and 15 snowparks (including one of the best freestyle parks in all of Europe which hosted the 2020 Youth Winter Olympic games). With such prestigious facilities, the academy will guide pupils to compete at national and international levels.

Not settling for winter sports as their only point of difference, Malvern College Switzerland also reap the rewards of the school Tennis Academy. Training at altitude means that pupils quickly learn a natural competitive advantage over those that train at lower levels and benefit from practise on a range of court surfaces. The Tennis Academy is intensively run alongside an extremely strong academic programme, meaning the practise is well backed up with the theory behind game strategy and technique. Upon signing up with the Malvern College Switzerland Tennis Academy, pupils become immediate members of the Swiss Tennis Federation. This ranks on a national level and provides access to competitions in Europe and wider international regions. With our coaching team already training Swiss Elite players including the top three nationally ranked junior players, we look forward to seeing who the next set of sporting professionals from Malvern College Switzerland will be.